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My Artist life, as a graduate from Tradigital animation, fueled by my love of Disney & Disney animation, it has been my inspiring force to pursue my creative endeavors.  My grandparents were artists and they helped in inspiring me to follow my wishes & dreams as an Artist. I deeply thank my Mom for her love, support, encouragement and believing me & my artistry. I thank my family for cheering me on. Creativity blends, merges and has becomes one all throughout my life. I've found my self ~confidence, deeper self~love and nurturance in healing in my heARTs expressions. Through the creative arts, it has deepened my inner outer worlds around me. It's a cherished & treasure gift to share with everyone from my heART. I am getting to know more & more of myself each in every day in amazing aha moments, peace, contemplation, zen and celebrations! Feeling fully alive with my creativity. Leaping into my life of my passion and purpose for art. This all coexists in how I relate to the world and natural world. A deepening of relationships in all areas of my life. One is truly honoured to live a life through the heart.  An absolute honour & greatest pleasure to be of heart service. Kyle T 
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