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Creating a magical world where your heart is safe!
Helping to heal your heart with the Elementals & Faeries.

Ease your heartache

Feel good about yourself

Feel safe, held & seen
©Faerieland doorways by Kyle T.
Kyle brings the Faeries to you through his ©Faerieland doorways. Receive your own heart connection to the Faeries as they bring gifts, healings & Blessings to you! Bring home the Faeries today!
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©Get animated portraits! Kyle creates you with your essences as One with your guides, in animated form. You will receive 2 drawings of yourself and a video clip of animated you! Perfect to gift to someone for birthdays, a special occasion or just to bring joy and magic to someone's day! The price is $30 CAD for this magical offering.

Click link in Bio or send me a message. Looking forward to connecting and for being of creative heart service. 

Paint nights & parties with Kyle T. Bring your creative Spirit as we paint together and create a Masterpiece of your very own! You don't have to have any experience in painting, as Kyle works with others at any level. Kyle will guide you step by step in the creative process with his patience,  passion and creative heart to give you the confidence to explore with your inner Artist!
It's time to live the creative life!
Click link in Bio or send me a message! Looking forward to connecting and for being of heart service. 
Custom Artworks by Kyle T. I paint murals, nurseries, portraits of pets and people and face painting.

©️Elemental & Faerie tribe with Kyle T. Here we bring your souls gifts, talents and abilities back to you from your souls home, back to your heart of rememberance, fully integrated in your BEing.
Within this sacred tribe you will;
Gain confidence in opening and healing your heart
Reclaiming your hearts magic.
Moving from the past, fear into the greatest depths of self~ love, to create your life you were meant to live!
Loving & living a life of freedom, peace and liberation!

Welcome home to your heart of rememberance! It's time!

The tribe is $33 a month for the membership. Heart connections as One is held in Zoom & in Telegram.

Click link in Bio or send me a message.  Looking forward to connecting and for being of heart service. 

Elemental & Faerie Journeys
©Faerie Rememberance of you! With your personal Faerie Facilitator Kyle T
Creating safe sacred space with nature to express, feel and heal the emotions and feelings in healthy releasing, cleansing, clearing for transformation, alchemization and rebirth.
Reconnecting you to your Faerie self.
To receive abundance from nature.
Deeper rememberance of your Faerie self through guided journeys.
Receiving your Faerie healings & gifts
Receiving your personal Faerie codes, artwork and creativity gifts & healings.
Reconnecting & nourishing  your Faerie relationship with yourself and Faerie guides as One with you. Kyle T

©️Magical Art of You 

Helping you heal with nature 

Your magical self created through the magical Artistry of Kyle T with messages for you, to help you remember the magic that you bring to the world.

Plant & Flower Readings & Healings

©Enter the world of the Plant & Flower archetype Kingdoms, with the healing Spirits of nature of the extension of Kyle's heart, where you will discover what the plants & flowers want you to know, how they help support you and receive their healing messages & gifts.  


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For those considering a session with Kyle for his Nature Healing and Reading sessions; I highly recommend his sessions to anyone who wishes to receive profound insight, healing, and guidance from the magical Nature Kingdom. Even before my session with Kyle, I intuitively received the three plants that he would call upon for my session; which were the Periwinkle Flower, Daffodil Flower, and Redwood Tree. The guidance that came through was deeply touching and inspiring, as the plants knew just what I was dealing with in my life, and gave me the insight to assist me to overcome and bring more harmony back into my life. The information was so comprehensive and touched upon many aspects of my life. I truly felt empowered and uplifted by the healing and reading Kyle brought forth through the plants, as well as by his innate caring and supportive nature, which made it all the more a wonderful experience. I really feel honoured and Blessed to have received such a session from Kyle. Thank you ever so much, Kyle. I'm very grateful for the gifts you shared. 🙏💚 Many Blessings to you. 😇🌎🌲🌳🌲☀✨~Robert



Today, I experienced the most serenely beautiful and captivating flower reading with Kyle. Words can simply not express how heavenly beautiful his messages were from Mother Nature. He truly touched on many areas of my life by simply connecting with natures Earth Angels; flowers, trees and plants to reveal timely messages and guidance to direct me and assure me on my chosen path at this time. I am truly grateful for Kyle as he is a true  Angel Incarnate, wholly connected to source as his messages just flowed from the oneness, wholeness and fullness of his heart light that is pure, childlike and is one with pure source. I feel truly blessed that our paths have crossed and wish him the utmost success and blessings in all his current and future endeavours.
- Tammy



Kyle thank you so much for my Flower Reading, it touched my heart in so many places and spoke volumes to me. It was so real and authentic I am still smiling to myself. I had kept all that magic inside me and now I am going to allow it to come to the surface of my beingness and let it shine bright. Much Love and Gratitude Kyle you have a beautiful authentic gift. Feeling blessed.~Hazel 



Hi Kyle thank you sooo much. I've just spent an hour reading all your beautiful info on my flowers' were all totally spot on. You have an amazing gift to offer people. I could feel Mum, I just new she was there. The message from her through the Lavender was beautiful. The healing was very relaxing. Also the cherry blossom was beautiful, you were so spot on with what's happening. Thank you so very much for listening. Your patience, care and love came through very strongly. Please know that the world needs you. Your a beautiful gift, your love.  You care and have genuine compassion. May God Bless and take care of You always. I recommend anyone thinking of having a healing & reading to do it! To Kyle's clients, "Go on treat yourself because your worth it! Sending So much Love and Light to You Dear Kyle Kind Regards Always ~Beverly 



I received a Plant & Flower reading from Kyle on my birthday and it was so lovely, healing and insightful! I chose palm tree, peony and orchid and each one had a very personal message just for me that reflected my life and feelings. I was shocked how intuitive the reading was and the points that Kyle touched on. You can tell that he has a very dear relationship with nature and a deep understanding of energy and healing. He has a very kind, calm and loving energy that shone through during our conversation. I am truly grateful to have received such a wonderful and profound

 gift that is Kyle’s insight. I very much recommend booking a Plant & Flower reading with Kyle.




Kyle is an amazing intuitive healer and energy worker. I remember the first time when I interact with him, I immediately felt incredible inner heart systems birthing out infinite magical prismatic universes. He has amazing gifts of direct connection with his higher self, and through higher dimensional lens, accessing a person’s akashic records, viewing and directly connecting with one’s higher self, through crystal clear lens from astral realm of 360 degree angles, fully encompassing one’s higher blue-print, higher timelines, and help facilitating the person to fully embody and ground the higher gifts on earth. Besides of many amazing gifts and wisdoms I have received from Kyle, I also have received so many layers of deep healing, many levels of soul fragments retrieval, ancestral healing, multidimensional gifts awakening, past life healing and gifts, re-awakening deep soul remembrance. Every session I have experienced with Kyle, I feel so much inner clarity and inner heart, body, mind and soul alignment. Kyle is truly a master of healing and divine embodiment of Christ consciousness on earth. ~Daisy



Kyle provides healing with the roses, through his very magical and unique style, through rose activations.

This experience brings healing and restoration to the mind, body, Spirit, soul and heart.

He incorporates his pure heart's passion and connection to nature in his gifts, talents, creativity and offerings.

His healings take on very magical forms, that are felt from his heart. He gently guides me back to the magic of my heart, through his kind, gentle, love and loving nature. 

Through his rose activations, I feel a greater remembrance, waves of peace, serenity, tranquility and more clarity to help me along your path, the way of my sacred heart.~Lilian 


Meet Kyle

Galactic Nature Alchemist, Conduit of Nature's healing transmissions, sunlight energy code transmitter, heal with the elements. Heart Healer. Work with me 1:1👇

Nature guides the way! I support women and men as the inner Goddesses and Gods archetypes that they are on their healing path; to release past traumas, stress and fears that they can break free from old patterns and learn to love themselves for who they truly are. I lead women and men back to their heart for rememberance, healing and empowerment. Illuminating the sun's healing energies within your being and along your path. Helping you to remember the love, light, joy and magic that you are, through healing with the elements.  Through my nature readings, meditations, light language, chakra dancing, creativity and art therapy, I intuitively connect with your guides as the conduit of Nature's healing transmissions from the many elements & archetypes of nature, to help you make the energetic changes in consciousness to move from fear into love and remember your unique magic. Nature is woven into all of my offerings and work. Nature is everything to me. Nature is my joy, inspiration, magic and strength. It is my mission to support you and reconnect to yourself, your heart, inner child and nature. Looking forward to connecting and for being of heart service. All of Kyle's heart services are $55/hour
©Kyle T 2023~Kyle Turner 
All photos, artwork, & writings on this website are owned & created by ©Kyle Turner All rights reserved ©December 2023

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