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©ElementalArts world with Kyle T.

©ElementalArts world with Kyle T.
A magical sacred space to connect your hearts with the Elementals and Faeries as One in developing your personal relationship with them and the archetypes of nature for clairity, healing, nurturance, support, guidance, rememberance inbodyment and empowerment.
Here we will explore, discover and create new pathways of thinking, doing and BEing the Elemental and Faerie way, in the most practical of ways! Allowing the heart to open, to receive healing for the inner child as well in awe, joy, wonder with play, belief, trust & faith. You will receive your personalized Healing codes to help you along the way back to home to your heart within as One with nature.
ElementalARTs world is 1:1heart connection, which consists of 3 months, 6 months to a year learning. Payment plans are available.
$165 for 3 months
$330 for 6 months
$660 for 12 months.
Click link in Bio or send me a message. Looking forward to connecting and for being of heart service. Kyle T
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